Smarter Agile Scaling

We are proud to announce Agile Day Chicago 2018. This year our theme is ‘smarter scaling’. We’ll delve into smart approaches and innovative thinking in scaling culture, process, product and technology.

The Agile day is low on hype and high on real world, hands-on experience shared by Agile experts and practitioners alike, who will discuss challenges along with relevant and implementable solutions, lessons learned and best practices

This year, sessions will focus on Culture/Learning, Process & Tools, Product Thinking and Technology. We will explore the issue of scaling culture and learning throughout the organization, scaling products to a point where they can meet the ever increasing demand for user experience, performance and availability. We’ll discuss the multiple dimensions of a scalable agile process and cover some of the tools and technology that can make it all happen.

As always – we encourage attendees to check dogmatic thinking at the door and come share new and fresh ideas in a safe, open-minded and diverse environment.

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